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So when was the last time I posted? April? August? Depends on which blog.

But anyway, stuff has happened:

I Got Married

Happened April 12. Continues to happen. There are pictures that I haven't yet gotten around to putting online. I should probably do that.

A couple of days after getting back from the honeymoon, I had this conversation with a co-worker:

Co-worker: So, how's married life?

Me: Mostly, I keep thinking, Man, Debbie's hanging around my place a lot.

These days, I've gotten used to having Debbie around. And I even let her redecorate a bit. 'cuz I'm generous like that.

I Changed Jobs

I no longer work at WeShovelMoney. Instead, I now work at We'reInUrWarez, using my compiler tools skills to make life difficult for spammers, scammers and botnet operators. (Well, that's the theory anyway. Right now, I'm busy trying to make sense of the existing source code. I'm told that that's normal.)

This was probably the easiest job change I've ever had. It was the first time I ever applied for a job that I didn't feel I needed. The resulting interview experience was very relaxed.

(Dealing with the related immigration issues, though, was pretty stressful. Well, for Debbie, anyway. I just stayed at my parents' house and read. I even managed to finish 3/4ths of Anathem. And, of course, I fixed my parent' computer.)

I Now Drive Far Too Much

The new job involves a forty minute highway commute. Fortunately, things start late enough there that I can avoid the worst of the traffic, but it's taking some getting used to. Long-term, we'll probably either move or I'll start telecommuting some days. For the moment, the iPod Nano is helping.

I Became an UncleAunt

Well, step-aunt, anyway. My stepbrother Ryan and his wife Jen have just had a baby girl. This is the second such instance, actually. Stepbrother David and wife Amy had a baby last year.

I Do More Stuff

I've been to more concerts this year than in the previous decade. I've also attended a film festival, Q&As with Bruce Campbell and Neal Stephenson and shook hands with Tim O'Reilly1.

Partly, this is because Debbie does stuff and she drags me along. But also, Boston just has all this amazing stuff going on. The presence of all the schools make this place something of a nerd mecca so in addition to all the big-city culture, you get smart-people events too.

I Watch More TV

We have a PVR. 'nuff said.

  1. He walked by me at Ignite Boston so I stuck my hand out. 

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