Blogging USENET Posts

Observe the following snippet of Emacs lisp:

(defun blog-this (blog)
  "Import the current buffer into an ii blog."
  (interactive "sBlog name:")
      (concat "ii " blog " snarf "

This takes the current buffer and stuffs it into the named Infernal Icecube blog from whence it may be cleaned up and published. (It doesn't automatically publish the entry because that would make it a wee bit too easy to publish crap.)

Now that I have a blog, I plan to cross-publish stuff between here and there, because there's not enough traffic here yet and I'm too lazy to come up with original content for both. Besides, I'd like to keep a copy of my posts that I control, you know?

Also, the cynical amongst you may think that this is merely a test post for this little bit of code dressed up as a real post.

You'd be right.

#   Posted 2006-11-27 15:36:00 UTC; last changed 2014-04-27 00:48:35 UTC