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Over the last year or so, the just-barely-ruling party has been sending me these little slips of paper. On the left side will be a flattering photo of Our Fearless Leader while the right side will contain about four large-print lines extolling his (party's) virtues. Being that it's a little piece of paper and half of it is already consumed by the photo, the text is necessarily short and vague, stuff like:

Tough on crime


Supports the environment

(At least, I assume that it's the paper size that limits them so. It certainly wouldn't be a general lack of substance, would it? Naw, couldn't be.)

The latter sentiment was on one such slip--long since recycled, so I can't quote it verbatim--that came out after the initial Kyoto Accord kerfuffle.

So I really, really enjoyed this video of Liberal Environment Critic David McGuinty ripping Environment Minister John Baird a new one.

Actually, it's not so much ripping him a new one as it is asking him some tough questions. And by tough, I mean questions that require knowledge of the issues and that can't be bluffed through. Baird makes a few cheap shots and tries to blame the previous government but otherwise says nothing of significance.

I would say that I'm shocked at the lack of prefessionalism and sheer incompetence, but frankly, the new Conservatives have never convinced me that they know how to run a convenience store, let alone a country.

(Via Garth Turner)

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